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What is “Swing Bed?”

Swing Bed” is a term Medicare has established for patients needing services after an Acute Care stay. Although you may be getting better and stronger, you may not be quite ready to return home just yet, thus requiring Swing Bed. Once a patient is admitted into Swing Bed, their bed/room does not change; the services that are rendered for the duration of the stay changes. Swing Bed patients are somewhat more independent with their care, I.e. bathing, eating, toileting and do not require a daily visit from their physician unless warranted. However, there is a physician in-house 24 hours a day if needed.



In order to qualify to be admitted into Swing Bed, a patient must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have had 3 midnight’s stay in an Acute Care setting (consecutive days).

  • Be covered by Medicare Part A (Hospital).

  • Have an ongoing diagnosis that requires skilled nursing care (defined by Medicare).

  • Be covered by Private Insurance (that qualifies for skilled nursing care).


Common Treatments

Treatments and diagnoses that are common throughout the Swing Bed Program include, but are not limited to: Long term IV antibiotic therapy, Post-Op Orthopedic Surgery (Knee, Shoulder, Hip, fractures, etc.,) Wound Care, PEG feedings, Decubitus Ulcers, or  Generalized/Severe Weakness due to Acute Care complications, Stroke, CHF, or Pneumonia.



How Long Will I Stay?

The average length of stay for most Swing Bed patients ranges from 1-2 weeks and on. The length of stay solely depends on the patient and his/her needs, progress and treatment. Medicare covers the first 20 days at 100%, providing skilled services are necessary. Swing Bed is not a permanent residence, it is only meant for skilled care for a short time, until a patient returns home or transfers to a long term care facility.


Do I Have To Participate In Therapy?

Participating in therapy of any kind is essential while in Swing Bed. Part of meeting skilled services includes participating daily, unless otherwise recommended by your physician. Not participating could relinquish your time and cause for early discharge.


Questions or Comments

Tyler Holmes Memorial Hospital is excited to serve its community and the surrounding areas and we look forward to hearing from you and your family! If you have any questions or comments in regards to Swing Bed, you may call our Swing Bed Coordinator at 662-283-8291 or our Social Service Director at 662-283-6124.